Greenfreight is aware of the environmental impacts of transport operations.  We therefore commit to making sure that our vehicles are regularly serviced via an externally audited structured maintenance system so as to have the minimum impact on the environment possible.


Greenfreight has a strategic investment in Biodiesel Ltd Producers located at Barnawartha Victoria.  This has enabled Greenfreight to operate the majority of its fleet where bulk refuelling exists on B20 Biodiesel.  This investment has secured significant volume to grow with Greenfreight's growth into the future, it is envisaged that a B30 blend may be available in the near future which will further reduce Greenfreights' carbon footprint.


Greenfreight is registered with the National Greenhouse & Energy Reporting Act 2007 with the Department of Climate Change.  Our first public statement was completed in August 2009.


Greenfreight is accredited to the Intelligent Access Programme, enabling us to operate designated trucks at Higher Mass Limits in NSW, QLD and South Australia whilst still continuing to run at Higher Mass Limits in Victoria under the existing scheme.

Greenfreight is registered with the Energy Efficiency Opportunities Programme (Department of Resources. Energy and Tourism).

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